Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing 2021 - Now a Virtual Conference (*) 

(*) March 10th, 2021 - The organizers have decided that the MMM 2021 will be a fully online conference. We regret that due to the Covid-19 situation we have been forced to change the planned hybrid meeting into a full online event.

How to attend the conference

MMM 2021 is planning for a full online conference hosted through Microsoft Teams meetings. To attend a session, access the online conference program at:

from the program, then note the name of the room  before accessing the Microsoft Teams links ( see section Microsoft Teams links).

Microsoft Teams links to sessions/meetings rooms

Main ROOM or ROOM T1 please follow the link HERE_MAIN

ROOM A  please follow the link HERE_A

ROOM B  please follow the link HERE_B

ROOM C  please follow the link HERE_C

How to Prepare to Present your Paper

MMM 2021  is planning for a full online conference hosted through Team meetings. We will be offering different options for you to prepare and present your paper in an invited or standard session. The following options are available:

    1.    Real-time Presentation Option : You can present your work by sharing your screen and presentation in Team during your scheduled date and time. For contributed/invited papers, your presentation should be NO longer than 15 minutes. After your presentation, you will have 5 minutes for Q&A. The Session Chair/Co-Chair (and Team session host) will coordinate the presentation order according to the schedule in the program. Please prepare your presentation the usual way using MS Power Point software or similar. Keep videos and animations in your presentation to a minimum to minimize video/audio lag and connection issues.
    2.    Video Presentation Option : Your presentation will take the form of a pre-recorded video (12-minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A). We request the designated corresponding author to prepare and to send  by Monday 30, 2021, 23:59:59 PST:
    - A video of your presentation. Please do not try to upload powerpoint or PDF files and start early: given that the resulting video files will be very large, they might need a long time to transfer, and you might not be able to upload them in time if you start late.
    - Duration: 12 minutes    File size limit: 50MB file File format: .mp4 Minimum height: 480 pixels    Aspect ratio: 16:9) and the name of the file is associated of the paper such as for instance  « paper_thurA01.6 »  (see the final program
    - Your video will be addressed to with a link (no code) to upload it by Monday 30, 2021, 23:59:59 PST, and will be deleted by MMM 2021 organizers at the end of the conference.
    - The Microsoft Teams session host will download and play your presentation during your scheduled presentation date and time according to the conference program. For contributed and invited paper presentations, after your video presentation plays, the Session Chair/Co-Chair will open the floor for 5 minutes for you to take and answer questions.
    - When entering the scheduled session in Microsoft Teams, ensure that you have a relatively fast Internet connection when you participate to minimize video/audio lag and connection issues.

Instructions for Session Chairs and Co-Chairs

Note that the conference time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST: UTC+2).
Please follow these instructions to help you run the session you are assigned to:
    1.    Access the online conference Microsoft Teams links list available on section « Microsoft Teams links to sessions/meetings »  A few minutes before your session starts, click on the Microsoft Teams links corresponding to the day and the room of your session (room name and session date can be found at: Note — the conference time zone is Central European Summer Time (CEST: UTC+2).
    2.    At the time the session starts, greet the audience, and then introduce the first speaker, as you typically would do as a session chair. Ask the audience to mute their microphones unless they are talking.
    3.    Microsoft Teams session host will be with you to assist in order to play the video presentation, be sure to check “Share computer sound” when the screen sharing dialogue box appears, otherwise the video plays and the audience does not hear audio. 'There will be five minutes for questions and discussion, which you can moderate, via the chat and/or with audience members unmuting themselves. When it is time for the next talk to start, end the question period and begin playing the next video. Please take care to  follow the Schedule on time.

We hope to make MMM 2021 a success despite the difficult situation we find ourselves in, and this unusual conference format. We thank you for your cooperation.